Victor Amelkin – Faculty Job Application Materials

Warren Center for Network & Data Sciences
Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering
University of Pennsylvania

I am currently on the academic job market for Summer-Fall, 2020. This web-page provides a brief summary of my academic vita, as well as links to my job application materials.

Research Summary:

The central theme of my research is network science with an emphasis on social and economic networks, studied from the perspectives of analysis, modeling, and control. My work is highly interdisciplinary, spanning applications and methods from computer science, engineering, management science & operations research, economics, and computational social science. The specific research topics I have worked on include:

  • analysis and modeling of competing opinion formation in social networks;
  • strategic formation and resilience of supply chain networks;
  • resilience of online social networks to external control;
  • modeling uncertain financial networks in the presence of economic shocks;
  • analysis of collective performance of networked teams.
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Select Publications: